The Whisper Man

by Alex North

Possible spoiler ahead

A child is kidnapped in a way eerily similar to the Whisper Man’s crimes twenty years ago…but Frank Carter is in jail. Who is behind it this time, and can they catch them in time?

I expected a lot out of this book. Celadon is a relatively new publishing company, and they published the excellent The Silent Patient. That was what I was expecting out of this. It was not really what I got.

I understand that a book doesn’t need to have action on every single page. However, in this particular book, nothing much happened. There were a few things here and there, but most of the action was confined to the very beginning and then the last 3/4 of the book.

The book seemed to want to let the main character and his son (especially be the son) be slightly supernatural, and I love the identity of Jake’s imaginary friend…but since the rest of the book was not supernatural, it seemed out of place and kind of a deus ex machina…not even that since it’s present from the beginning of the book. How would the book have looked without Jake’s imaginary friends?

I also guessed who the kidnapper was, but I don’t think that was the fault of the author. I just made an assumption based on another book I had read and stuck with it.

Anyway, it’s not an awful book, but it wasn’t the best thriller I’ve read.

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