Pretty Baby

by Mary Kubica

(TW: all of them?…sexual abuse, rape, abortion, cutting, suicide, mental illness, nervous breakdown…)

When Heidi sees a young girl with a baby at a train station, she’s concerned but still gets on the train, thinking she’ll never see the girl again. However, the next time she’s in that particular area, she looks and sees the girl again. Heidi later invites Willow and her baby into her home, but this one helpful action sets off a chain of events that could destroy Heidi and her family.

The chapters of this novel alternate between Heidi, Chris (Heidi’s husband), and Willow. This can be tricky to use different voices and have them all sound actually different, but Kubica pulls it off wonderfully.

This book is labeled as a thriller, and it definitely is. However, by the end, you realize it’s a heartbreaking book intertwining the lives of two women (and one man) and how each cope with their terrible circumstances. I love psychological thrillers, but I’m going to read a funny book next. This one ended up sitting very heavy with me by the end, which I was not expecting.

I do recommend this book, but I would utilize some caution, maybe read a funny book after or exercise some self-care.